Thursday, July 22, 2010

Section 173A(2) of the Summary Proceedings Act:

At the hearing on 22nd September 2009 corrupt amicus curiae Bryan Yeoman tried to make me sign a document to the Court from the Police prosecutor, which claimed that:

"By consent of all parties of this hearing, written statements by:
Constable Laura Rhymer
shall be admitted as evidence as if these persons had given oral evidence and shall be admitted notwithstanding non-compliance of all of the requirements of Section 173A(2) of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957"
       - among other things.
I refused to sign it because it was a corrupt attempt to prevent the police officer in charge of the case (Rhymer) from giving evidence in person, or being cross examined.  She is lying in saying that she had cause to arrest me and in saying that she did arrest me.  She knew there was no evidence whatsoever that I had perverted the course of justice, and considerable evidence that her superior officer Constable Peter Cletus Cunningham had grossly perverted the course of justice in refusing to charge Murphy and Greig with the attack on me on 11th February 2009.  She knew that Cunningham had encouraged Murphy to break into my house and steal the disk containing evidence not only of his own attack on me, but also of the incompetence and corruption of the police in releasing the 46 audio tracks on the disk but not the two I requested, my own call to 111 and that of Claire Cook and Kelly Wilson.  Rhymer never arrested me.  She repeatedly asked me to go with her to Masterton because I was "going to be charged."  She knew there was no evidence to support any such charge and that it was grossly corrupt to arrest me or charge me, and she didn't want to be involved, which is why she didn't turn up to Court on the 8th December 2009, because police knew that Judge Behrens would see through their lies like he did last time, and are hoping to get a corrupt Judge (like Davidson or Thomas).
Furthermore, when I looked up Section 173A(2) of the Summary Proceedings Act, I discovered that it was repealed in 2008, and apparently replaced with this:
173 Persons who may give evidence under assumed name
(1) An undercover police officer (within the meaning of section 108 of the Evidence Act 2006)—
  • (a) may make a written statement, or give oral evidence, in the name by which the officer was known during the relevant investigation; and
  • (b) may sign that statement, or the record of that evidence, in that name.
(2) A witness who is the subject of an application for an anonymity order made under section 110 or 112 of the Evidence Act 2006, or who is the subject of an anonymity order made under either of those sections,—
  • (a) may make a written statement, or give oral evidence, using the term witness followed by an initial or mark; and
  • (b) may sign that statement, or the record of that evidence, in that manner.
(3) This section overrides any contrary provision in this Part.

Here are my written instructions sent to the lawyer assigned to represent me, on 15 October 2009, following the outrageous outburst from Judge Davidson and my imprisonment after police deliberately lied to and intimidated a local family offering me a bail address:

"My instructions are that a copy be requested of the audio recording of the proceedings heard before Judge Davidson on 29th and 30th September and a formal complaint lodged about the actions and language of the Judge, in particular the shouted rant about how it's time I learned that the world doesn't revolve around me, the repeated shouting of “shut up, you shut up” and the imprisonment at Arohata.

Judge Davidson recently heard the matter of my private prosecution against Rachel Betteridge and he heard the original charge against me based on Betteridge's perjurous 'evidence'.

He excused Betteridge's appearance, which makes a mockery of my imprisonment.

He was told repeatedly during the hearing of the charges against me that Betteridge was giving perjurous evidence on oath during the hearing, and that we had evidence of it right there in the Court in the form of the phone with the extremely offensive and threatening messages from Betteridge on it. Davidson shut the hearing down, dismissing the charges before the evidence, or any evidence for the defence, could be produced. After being informed that perjury was being committed and that there was indisputable evidence of it in the Court I believe that Judge Davidson had a duty to respond to that serious allegation at the time, and again when he heard the private prosecution. I insist that the matter is addressed now.

I instruct that a formal complaint is made to the Manager for Courts regarding the practise of Liz Harpleton and Gary Wilson conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Having the prosecutor's live in lover acting as Court Registrar is completely unacceptable. Harpleton made a submission to two JP's while she was sitting on the bench assisting them in her role, on behalf of the police, asking for an ajournment, even though the matter had been set down for formal proof. Ken Daniels was present and left a message on my phone that day to say that he was appalled at what he had seen and heard in the Court.

I instruct that a written complaint is submitted to the PCA immediately regarding the decisions of the police to proceed with the prosecutions against me when they knew perfectly well that the evidence showed indisputably that I had not sent any offensive messages at all and that Betteridge and her husband had sent extremely serious threats and abuse to me, and the continued refusal of the police to charge them when the evidence clearly exists that they committed these serious crimes, and the police were happy to lay charges and proceed with a prosecution against me on the basis of no evidence at all, and police refused to even seek any information from the telecommunications company let alone look at the evidence provided to them in the form of the statements of the two Justices of the Peace, Ken English and George Groombridge..

I instruct that an appeal is lodged immediately regarding the refusal of Judge Davidson to award me costs in those matters.
I instruct that an appeal is lodged regarding the convictions for failing to stop, etc.

I instruct that an appeal is immediately lodged regarding Judge Davidson's decision to imprison me. The police deliberately lied to Bill Armstrong and told him that the Court had directed me to reside at 1 Brooklyn Rd and imposed a curfew which required the police to come to that address and check that I was there twice a night. Bill and Jennifer Armstrong have already written statements about being harassed by the police about me. Jennifer's statement about a recent incident describes how she felt frightened and intimidated after Constable Harvey Pope demanded entry to her home stating that he had the right to come in because he was in fresh pursuit of a criminal, to issue me with another bike helmet ticket and a letter about harrassing Tuakana Greig which is nothing but a pack of utter lies. Greig has physically attacked me on numerous occasions in front of numerous witnesses and come to my home and attacked me on two occasions. Bill would not have refused if the police had not lied about the curfew. Furthermore, Constable Cadwallader issued me with another bike helmet recently but refused to give me the disclosure I was entitled to regarding these matters. I would not come to the door to accept the ticket as he demanded, and Rachel Armstrong refused his demand to come inside to issue it to me personally so he gave it to her to pass on to me. Cadwallader then went to the Armstrong's, and other addresses of my friends, repeatedly, claiming to have disclosure to give me, but refused on every occasion to leave it there for me to collect.

I don't have a car and cannot get employment or accomodation because of the lies told by the police which are evidenced by the letter to the South End School, and suffering extreme financial hardship because of the excessive fines being deducted from my invalid benefit for not wearing a bike helmet in spite of the letters from my doctor. The bail bond refers to an “evidential address” - where is the definition of this? I don't even know what an evidential address is and doubt the term has any meaning or legal standing. I am forced to stay at various locations dependant on restrictions such as bad weather or darkness which make cycling unsafe. For these reasons I will not be dictated to as to where I sleep, it is an outrageous breach of my human rights.

I instruct that a letter be written to the Police Complaints Authority and to the South End School immediately about the letter I received, and the matter of my complaints of serious violence and child abuse against Tuakana Greig and her partner. Tuakana Greig limped into Court on the 30th after the latest beating from her partner, and one of them will kill one of those children one day because they are both seriously violent people and there will be more blood of little children on the hands of the Wairarapa police, who cover up and lie for these people.

I instruct that a formal complaint is made to the Human Rights Commissioner regarding my imprisonment, which was based on the lies of the police. I require the audiotape of the hearing because I heard Judge Davidson clearly refuse the request of the prosecutor that a curfew be imposed, and I heard the Judge give reasons why not. The prosecutor heard it and the police deliberately lied to Bill Armstrong and I request that an affidavit from Mr Armstrong be prepared, and also an affidavit from John Shields, who witnessed an attack on me by Greig outside East Taratahi Building Supplies in Wong Place. John Shields knows that I was nowhere near her address at all and I had come to his workshop to speak with him and gone straight back to my car and was still speaking to him when Greig ran down the road and attacked me.

The Wairarapa police are conspiring to pervert the course of justice, not me. I instruct that a letter be immediately written to the Ombudsmen regarding the refusal of the police to provide all information regarding the attack on me by Michael Murphy and Tuakana Greig at my home on 11th February 2009, particularly the audiotape of the call from Claire Cook and Kelly Wilson to emergency services. This request is directly relevant to the current charges, and to the serious risk of violent child abuse, and is extremely urgent. The audiotape of a call from another witness has been released three times and there is no valid reason not to release the tape I have requested. The transcript is not sufficient because of inaccuraies between the transcripts and audiotape of other related calls which have been released. I have all personal details, names, addresses, phone number, etc of Cook and Wilson so there is no reason to withhold them.

I gave these, and other verbal instructions at the Court on the 29th and 30th and I want them all to be carried out.

Katherine Raue"

Letter written to lawyer Ken Daniels on 17th February 2010 regarding illegal warrant:

Dear Ken,
Thank you for your message yesterday, it was very kind of you to let me know that a warrant has been issued.
Your message says “Cops say concern over shift of address.”
Are you able to give me any more information about this, or the basis for the police application for the warrant?
I requested the file from Ainslie Hewton in October last year and repeatedly ever since, and have been unable to communicate with that firm because I don’t have a telephone to make outgoing calls or send faxes on, and Ainslie Hewton simply refuses to engage in electronic communication (email), which I have had  limited access to recently.  During a conversation with Ainslie Hewton on 3rd December 2009, and several previous phone conversations between her and I, she had confirmed that her firm was no longer acting for me after she refused to request transcripts of the hearings held in my absence recently (and the one that ended at 7:30 at night), and refused to accept almost all my other instructions, including firm and clear instructions to request that the false information in the psychiatric report be formally challenged, and a proper report be commissioned immediately, and a formal complaint made to the Health and Disability Commissioner and any other relevant agencies regarding the content of the report and the manner in which the interview was conducted and the fact that it was not recorded as I requested.
As I cannot get in touch with Ainslie Hewton, I wonder if you would have time to ring Frank Minehan please (or anyone at the firm) and request (on my behalf) that they deliver the file immediately to 1 Brooklyn Road, Carterton, and ask Ainslie Hewton’s firm and the police to address the following points:
I request that Ainslie Hewton immediately scan and email me the copy of the bail bond issued recently by the Court - 30 September 2009 I think - which lists my address as being “of no fixed abode.”
This was argued about for several hours, following my illegal imprisonment on the 29th September 2009
The decision by the Judge to allow the address of “no fixed abode” was a result of him being informed that the police had lied to Bill and Jennifer Armstrong and their family the previous evening, who had been deliberately led to believe that the Court was likely to impose a curfew which would necessitate the police entering the Armstrong’s already overcrowded home up “two or three times every night” to check that I was there.  The police knew that the Judge had specifically refused their application for a curfew, hours earlier, police deliberately lied to the family.
The family have three daughters who were studying for exams at this time, and had been happy to provide a bail address for me up until then.
As a result of the false information from the police regarding the curfew, Bill Armstrong said when questioned by police that under those circumstances the family could reluctantly no longer continue to provide a bail address and I was imprisoned.
The following day I instructed Ainslie Hewton to lodge several formal complaints about my imprisonment.  Frank Minehan informed the Judge of the lie told by police to the Armstrong family.
Frank also provided a copy of a statement from Jennifer Armstrong about another incident of police harassment and bullying (attached) and a letter from Oasis Trust referring to other incidences of false complaints and resulting harassment of the Armstrong family as evidence.
Our complaints regarding these matters and others have never been accepted or investigated and have been dismissed repeatedly in a rude, unprofessional, and clearly corrupt manner.
The issuing of this warrant is similarly corrupt and based on police providing the Court with deliberately false information.
I need confirmation from Frank Minehan that on the 29th or 30th September 2009 the police prosecutor repeatedly put forward the address of 1 Hodders Road Carterton as the police approved bail address.
Frank knows this is true.  The police suggested it to Frank and said that they would approve it if I agreed to live there.  I argued for hours against this because Timothy Reynolds, who lives at the address the police were referring to, is kindly allowing me to store some of my belongings at his house (and graze the Community Garden horses there), on the condition that he is not harassed in the manner that the Armstrongs are.
I also requested Ainslie Hewton to make formal complaint to the PCA regarding Constable Cunningham parking outside the home of Rongomai Paewai and her family in Rexwood St on about the 15th November (this is why I need the notes urgently) for over 45 minutes after chasing me there for not wearing my bike helmet.
Rongomai Paewai witnessed this and confirmed that his actions were a waste of time - he never got out of the car, just sat there and glared at the property for over 45 minutes.  She also felt that his actions constituted harassment, and were intended to be intimidating.
She suffered stress and anxiety during the time he was parked outside, wondering if one of her children was in trouble or why he was parked there looking at the house in such a hostile manner.
Ainslie Hewton was also provided with letters from my doctors confirming that I should be excused from wearing a bike helmet for valid medical reasons, and that I suffer from a permanent disability to my right foot and ankle preventing me from walking, and therefore necessitating (in conjunction with abject poverty - as a result of police taking $185 out of my benefit every time they give me a ticket for not wearing the helmet - although they are well aware of the doctors letters) me riding a bike to get from A to B - Court, etc.
Ainslie Hewton agreed to write to the police about all the bike helmet tickets, not just one of them.
They agreed, as evidenced in written correspondence, to act regarding many other outstanding matters also, a recent letter from the PCA refers to them representing me on “a number of contemporary and historic issues.”  Frank also wrote me a letter on 7 March 2008 saying “Once this challenging hearing is out of the way, the writer may have the opportunity to review responses he has had with respect to the many other matters that are and have been of concern to you.”  Frank was referring to the rude email from Murray Johnston rejecting any and all complaints I might make on the basis that “in the past her complaints have been proved to be emotive, unfounded, and simply not credible.”  Frank knows as you do, that this is not true and that the police actions in refusing to investigate any of my complaints, while instead pursuing a campaign of emotive, unfounded, and simply not credible prosecutions against me, based on obviously fictitious complaints such as the one from Rachel Betteridge.  These promises were never kept because Frank told me that Ainslie Hewton took on too much work and there was not enough time to do it properly.
The “challenging hearing” referred to was the unfounded charge (laid in September 08 I think, right before the trial of Colin Allomes for the serious assault on me in Dannevirke,) that I had telephoned Allomes and swore at him.
It turned out that Allomes had not even made a statement to police regarding the complaint.
Allomes’ Victim Impact Statement was outrageous and contained no comment to the effect that he was at all affected by me swearing at him in the days after his attack on me.
Allomes behaviour in the Court while giving evidence made it perfectly clear that he had enjoyed the phone calls he received from me and obtained gratification from hearing my distress, and was obtaining further gratification from the Court hearing and the opportunity it afforded him to cause me further distress, and the opportunity to be in close proximity to me again after the original attack, and prove to me how the corrupt police would support his lies.
This was the trial which Judge Susan Thomas abandoned, storming out of the Court while Allomes stood in the witness box, shouting outrageous things at me, which is why she refuses to release the transcript of the hearing, which was an utter mockery of justice.
I instructed Ainslie Hewton to obtain CCTV footage from the Carterton New World Supermarket immediately after being threatened again recently by Michael Murphy in the supermarket regarding the current charges.  He is a police witness giving evidence against me and I have previously asked police a number of times to charge him for numerous threatening and intimidatory actions as well as the attack on me on 11th February in my home by him and at least one other person.  I requested the footage be immediately requested by Ainslie Hewton on my behalf under the Privacy Act and other relevant legislation because it is directly relevant to the serious charges I am facing and evidence of Murphy’s threatening behaviour.  This was never requested, or any action taken that I know of.
Numerous other instructions were ignored also, including a request that the firm write to the Ombudsmen and any other relevant agency regarding the refusal of the police to provide the audiotape of the call to emergency services from Clare Cook and Kelly Wilson regarding Murphy’s attack on me on 11th February 09, which Frank promised to do.
Back to the issue of the warrant and the bail address.  I urgently require all information from Ainslie Hewton and from the Court, and have requested many times recently that I be provided with a copy of their files which I obviously need to prepare a defence.
I suspect that police are relying on a statement written in a notebook, by Harvey Pope probably, regarding a conversation with Timothy Reynolds of Hodders Road, who confirmed that I am storing some of my possessions at his property with his permission.
Mr Reynolds has previously complained about numerous recent police visits to his property regarding me.  The visits were unnecessary, unfounded and the reasons given for the visits was simply not credible.  Mr Reynolds and I viewed the visits as harassment.
Likewise, shortly after giving the bail address 222 Belvedere Road, Constable Cunningham turned up there one day and spoke to the occupant, Kylie Donnelly, about text messages sent to Alison Poulsen, and then attempted to blackmail Donnelly into refusing me a bail address, by threatening to investigate regarding her illegal activities.
Police have also refused to take my complaints that Donnelly has been refusing since then to return my daughter’s sleeping bag to me, or to give me a receipt for $700 paid to her for a computer, and software that has never been provided as promised by Donnelly.
This contradicts the actions taken by police when other people have falsely claimed that I am holding their property illegally, as we all know.
Mr Reynolds went to the police station to ask the police about the validity of the allegation contained in a letter to me from the South End School in Carterton, sacking me from my job because of a false allegation that I have “been charged by the police with an offence involving a child.”
I have been the subject of these lies by the police that I am a child abuser for over fifteen years.
The allegation from the Board of Trustees is linked to the attack on me on the 11th February 09 and further evidence of police corruption.
Mr Reynolds is a good friend of the deputy principal of the South End School, and the refusal of the police to confirm that the allegation is false, and their continued slander of me - for eleven months now - is causing me to be abused and attacked regularly in the community by individuals who have been led by the police to believe that I am a child abuser and not to be trusted near children.
Mr Reynolds has had enough of arguments among his friends about the false allegation, and requested Pope to either confirm or deny that I have been charged ever in my life with an offence involving a child, and what the offence is, when it was laid, etc.
Pope apparently said police were “looking into it and expect to lay charges soon” - which is what they have been telling other people for eleven months.  This was a lie.  Pope knows that the complaint regarding Tuakana Grieg’s daughter was false and fictitious and there are going to be no charges laid regarding the matter because nothing happened.
Pope then made indirect threats to target Timothy Reynolds for attention as police targeted me for attention.
Please Ken, would you provide me with a copy of the correspondence between you and I in which I asked your view on my claim of police harassment and you responded in a letter that you thought I had been “a lightning rod for police attention in the Wairarapa” and other comments.  I have searched high and low for it and cannot find it, it shouldn’t be that hard to locate and it is important evidence in support of my complaint that they are treating me unfairly, and I would be very grateful if you could provide a copy of the correspondence (there was more than one letter about the subject but less than 6).
Pope threatened similar attention for Tim Reynolds,
Pope also attempted to persuade Tim Reynolds to have police issue me with: a trespass notice, which Tim refused to authorise; other Orders and Warnings, which Tim also refused to authorise.
Pope then wrote a statement in his notebook according to Tim, and asked Tim to sign it, which he did reluctantly, because he had not gone to the station to do that, he had gone there to settle the dispute about whether the allegation in the letter from the South End School sacking me from my job was true or false, and obtain written confirmation of that from Pope, as I have requested numerous times.
Tim complained to Pope that the letter from the school was causing dissention, violence and disharmony in the community, and resulting in arguments at his address, where both I and the staff member are welcome, and other places.
Reynolds confirmed to police that staff are abusing and attacking me because they see my letters of complaint regarding the letter sacking me to be an attack on their jobs. This is a ridiculous allegation - the letter was from the Board not the staff.
Tim’s friend, the DP, was directly involved with me in matters regarding the garden at the school, and advised me of the letter sacking me before I even received it, and was advised that the allegation is untrue, and was asked by me to convey this to the Board via the staff representative.
The DP agreed to do this, and, on that condition I liaised with the DP regarding the collection of some large drums donated to our organisation Friends of the Gardens, from Premier Bacon.
There is no evidence of the DP communicating my concerns regarding the letter to the Board either before or after I received it, but there is evidence regarding the drums, and the fact that they have not been used by the school for the planned water conservation project as promised, and have instead been locked in a shed, like all our other equipment, hoses, tools, etc, so that we can’t have it back.
The DP confirmed that money granted for the Take Acton for Water project was not spent on the planned project at all it was spent on plants that have died from lack of care because there was and is no plan for the garden at the school (except for Friends of the Garden’s plan, which has obviously been rudely rejected.)
We require the drums and hoses, etc, URGENTLY for our other projects in the community and have asked police to recover them and the sleeping bag Donnelly has.
Pope then told Tim Reynolds that I was bailed to 1 Brooklyn Road, and would be arrested for breaching that bail address, and again tried to convince him to refuse me access to his own property by blackmailing him regarding the likelihood of undue attention from the police.
The bail address “no fixed abode” was apparently changed recently back to 1 Brooklyn Road after that address had previously been rejected by the police, by none other than Bryan Yeoman, who seems to get paid a lot of money for doing nothing except refuse to pass on any communication to the appropriate parties, Court, Ainslie Hewton, etc.
I certainly did not agree to it.
“No fixed abode” was approved by the Court, and there are no grounds for that warrant, or any concerns regarding shift of address whatsoever apart from the malicious and vindictive lies being spread throughout the community that I am a child abuser which are resulting in me being unable to obtain accomodation or employment.
Murphy claimed that his threats in the supermarket were to urge me to turn up for the imminent Defended Hearing on 8th December 09 and not waste everyone’s time including his.
This is a joke considering that I turned up on the 8th December with three witnesses, all prepared to conduct a defended hearing, and discovered that the only Police witness, Constable Laura Rhymer, had applied for annual leave the previous Friday!
Many people believe that she applied for annual leave deliberately in order to avoid having the charge heard before Judge Michael Behrens QC, because of Judge Behrens’ knowledge of previous matters before the Court involving local police bringing false charges and giving false evidence in what has been  claimed by me and by lawyers to be politically motivated corruption.
I am referring to the five charges thrown out by Judge Behrens after evidence was given that the police had not arrested me after the meeting at the Carterton Municipal Hall as they claimed.
Judge Behrens’ written decisions, and the complaints to the PCA from me and from Michael Appleby, and recent correspondence from lawyer Nikki Pender (as well as correspondence from about five other lawyers) all support my claims of harassment, politically motivated corruption and gross misconduct on the part of the police, involving ex MP Georgina Beyer and persons associated with the Carterton District Council.
There is evidence of a pattern of directly contradictory responses to information requests which, when examined more closely is more clear evidence of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by members of the police.
Please formally request the Area Controller of the Police to provide written evidence of the fact that I have never in my life been charged with an offence involving a child.
Please formally request the Area Controller of the Police to provide the audiotape of the call to 111 by Clare Cook and Kelly Wilson on 11 February 2009.
Police are refusing to provide it, because it contains Michael Murphy screaming “I’m going to kill you you bitch,” and “Get out of the way, I’m going to smash the door in.” - My door.
I was approached by Tuakana Greig yesterday who confessed to me that Police forced her to make a false statement against me.
She also spoke to me about recent matters regarding Michael Murphy.
The seeking of this warrant is motivated by a desire to prevent me communicating with other people regarding evidence of police corruption.
Ainslie Hewton was instructed to obtain a sworn statement from Charlie Belvie regarding similar evidence: that Mr Belvie heard Aaron Brook boasting that Gary McPhee was going to pay him money to lie about me in Court.  This instruction has also been ignored
Please see to it that this letter is placed before a Judge as soon as possible, preferably Judge Behrens, because I was denied my right to speak to him on the 8th December.  Ainslie Hewton clearly and emphatically quit the previous week and was then told by me that I didn’t want them standing up in Court and pretending to represent me after refusing to accept any of the instructions.
I am very unwell at present suffering from extreme stress and exhaustion and need to prepare my defence in peace without this constant harassment and lies from the police.
Judge Behrens specifically enquired into this matter, asking for an up to date medical report.
Frank Minehan then handed up the very psychiatric report I had challenged, and made a formal complaint about, and requested a second opinion, and stated was a pack of lies written after consultation with yourself and the police rather than what I told the psychiatrist.
This report was handed up in direct contradiction with my instructions.
I was entitled to speak directly to Judge Behrens about the effect of an adjournment on my health, and I request that opportunity urgently because of the matters involving the warrant and the recent lies told to Tim Reynolds, Bill Armstrong, the Board of Trustees of the South End School and others.

Thank you

Friday, July 16, 2010

Michael Francis Richard James Murphy:

Michael Murphy is a dangerous individual with a long history of violence, an unhealthy interest in little girls, and a very warped personality - he's a danger to the public.  Several of his other victims have contacted me with stories similar to mine, including members of his own family.  In fact, many believe that Michael Francis Murphy may have inherited the homicidal insanity of his uncle, his father's brother, John James Murphy, who was sentenced to life in prison in 1976 for the vicious murder of Gail McFayden in Paekakariki.  Murphy was released in the mid eighties, and to this day he has expressed no remorse.  The story of her final hours is chilling and horrifying.  Murphy was reportedly "detached" and "arrogant" - other traits his nephew seems to have inherited.  The evidence obviously convinced the jury, in spite of Murphy's high profile (expensive) lawyers.

Michael Murphy boasts of having fathered seven children, although he apparently has little to do with most of them.  He has spent years in prison and has convictions for violence, theft, fraud, kidnapping, etc.  He and his partner were found guilty of fraud, and fraudulently claiming social welfare benefits, in 2009, he apparently sued the government for alleged abuse he received as a child in state care, so he's done very well off the taxpayers of New Zealand one way and another, and continues to do so by all accounts.  Local police protect him and encourage his homicidal rage related attacks, like they do with others in the community such as local drunk Gary McPhee - this is, as several lawyers have noted, politically motivated corruption involving the local police.  Gary McPhee made a big song and dance about a 'petition' to employ glorified tea lady Acacia Simpson - an "unsworn officer" at the Carterton police station - saying people in the community don't need a sworn officer they just need a shoulder to cry on and a cup of tea, after police refused to charge McPhee and his accomplice with ANOTHER violent home invasion.

Here's the link to one of the calls to emergency services during the violent attack on me by Murphy at 13 Brooklyn Rd, Carterton, here's more police radio tracks regarding the attack.  A Google search using the words Kate Raue Michael Murphy will bring up about thirty links to more information regarding Murphy's despicable crimes and how local police protect him and his mates Tracey Feast, etc.