Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Get out of the way and I'll smash the door in" v "I can't remember I've got ADHD"

Below is the statement from one of the witnesses, and links to the phone calls from others, to the violent and premeditated attack on me in my home on 11 February 2009 - the attack which corrupt local police are covering up in order to protect the perpetrator, Michael Francis Murphy, who has a history of convictions, prison sentences, etc, for crimes involving domestic violence, violence involving children, etc.

Michael Francis Richard James Murphy is a cunning, manipulative, depraved little piece of scum who has bludged off the system his whole miserable life.  Not long after Murphy's murderous attack on me his partner Michelle McGreal, was convicted of benefit fraud - (for those readers new to the internet, welcome, and if you click on highlighted text such as the words in the previous sentence it will link you to EVIDENCE supporting the allegations made on this website, in this case a verified 'news' report.  Likewise, clicking on the images on this site will open a clearer view of them.) -
"Carterton beneficiary Michelle McGreal, convicted in 2010, had the highest debt of the prosecutions in the past four years, as she was overpaid by $77,800.

Ministry of Social Development head of fraud Mike Smith said every client, including Ms McGreal, has a responsibility to tell the ministry of personal circumstances that might impact on their benefit.

"McGreal's actions were selfish. She made a decision to steal from taxpayers, but we caught her and ensured she was held to account."

Roll of shame:

Carterton woman Michelle McGreal was sentenced to six months home detention and 200 hours community work after being convicted on fraud and dishonesty charges in June 2010. She was overpaid by $77,800 after not informing Work and Income that she was living with her de facto partner."
the 'news' report at that link shows comments at the bottom of the web page from readers and one in particular stands out - 
"most importantly
why isnt the defacto also charged and liable to repay half the money
the current situation makes it very easy to bully your partner into claiming the dpb and then threatening to dob them in if they leave you
some of these women have horrific lives they are too scared to try and change because of what winz will do to them while leaving their "partner" alone
Michelle McGreal is a nice lady.  Michael Francis Murphy is a devious, manipulative, lying violent psychopath. 

Aaron Brook has been let down by the Police, and pretty much everyone else, all his life.  He was bribed by corrupt local officers to lie in Court to support this false charge - which is an abuse of the Court process, as well as a serious attempt to pervert the course of justice by corrupt local Police officers, members of the community and other parties.

The evidence he gave at the Depositions hearing, which the whole Crown case depended on, has to be seen to be believed, which is why readers are encouraged to read it by clicking on the links (the text highlighted in bold type)

Witnesses Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson were walking up Brooklyn Rd, and that they saw the car driven by Murphy speed around the corner and into my driveway with screeching tyres, they then heard the loud bangs caused by Murphy throwing his full body weight at the door, ripping off the handle and trying to club me around the head with it, - from eight houses away on the other side of the road - according to their own statements to Police - who are refusing to take any action whatsoever against the perpetrators of this outrageous attack other than bullying, persecuting and slandering the victim and laying false charges of perverting the course of justice after Murphy was encouraged to return to my house to steal the evidence of his crime in the form of the Police recordings of witnesses who rang 111!

The police radio recordings at these links confirm the level of the corruption regarding police involvement in this matter - as well as confirming that Murphy is GUILTY of a violent home invasion, planned by him and Tracy Feast (who was insanely jealous about the fact that her ex partner and her daughter were good friends of mine), which is why police encouraged Murphy to break into my house and steal the disk with the recordings on it.  They then tried charging me with "Perverting the Course of Justice" and "Escaping From Custody", but the charges were dismissed after Constable Laura Rhymer was proven in Court to be a bare faced LIAR.  

The three phone calls to emergency services from the independent witnesses and the victim are indisputable evidence that this was not just a case of a couple of people knocking loudly on a door as Constable Cunningham and his mates are trying to make out, it was a vicious, premeditated attack, a violent home invasion - firstly I had the FULL permission of Tuakana Greig to take her daughter to the supermarket, and secondly nothing whatsoever untoward occurred whilst at the supermarket - the only allegation that anything happened in the supermarket was made by a nasty vicious woman called Tracey Feast who was involved in the death of a local woman, Donna Thompson, who committed suicide in the most appalling manner imaginable, leaving a young daughter without a mother, because of Tracey Feast and her partner - Michael Murphy's best friend, Malcolm Swanson junior.  Michael Murphy is the partner of Michelle McGreal, with whom he was involved in the largest benefit fraud in the Wairarapa - which, among other things, calls his credibility seriously into question as much as the evidence does!

The second paragraph of the second page of witness Claire Cook's statement is indisputable evidence of a dangerous and violent intent to injure - it says:
"The male was saying move out of the way and I'll smash the door down."