Friday, July 16, 2010

Michael Francis Richard James Murphy:

Michael Murphy is a dangerous individual with a long history of violence, an unhealthy interest in little girls, and a very warped personality - he's a danger to the public.  Several of his other victims have contacted me with stories similar to mine, including members of his own family.  In fact, many believe that Michael Francis Murphy may have inherited the homicidal insanity of his uncle, his father's brother, John James Murphy, who was sentenced to life in prison in 1976 for the vicious murder of Gail McFayden in Paekakariki.  Murphy was released in the mid eighties, and to this day he has expressed no remorse.  The story of her final hours is chilling and horrifying.  Murphy was reportedly "detached" and "arrogant" - other traits his nephew seems to have inherited.  The evidence obviously convinced the jury, in spite of Murphy's high profile (expensive) lawyers.

Michael Murphy boasts of having fathered seven children, although he apparently has little to do with most of them.  He has spent years in prison and has convictions for violence, theft, fraud, kidnapping, etc.  He and his partner were found guilty of fraud, and fraudulently claiming social welfare benefits, in 2009, he apparently sued the government for alleged abuse he received as a child in state care, so he's done very well off the taxpayers of New Zealand one way and another, and continues to do so by all accounts.  Local police protect him and encourage his homicidal rage related attacks, like they do with others in the community such as local drunk Gary McPhee - this is, as several lawyers have noted, politically motivated corruption involving the local police.  Gary McPhee made a big song and dance about a 'petition' to employ glorified tea lady Acacia Simpson - an "unsworn officer" at the Carterton police station - saying people in the community don't need a sworn officer they just need a shoulder to cry on and a cup of tea, after police refused to charge McPhee and his accomplice with ANOTHER violent home invasion.

Here's the link to one of the calls to emergency services during the violent attack on me by Murphy at 13 Brooklyn Rd, Carterton, here's more police radio tracks regarding the attack.  A Google search using the words Kate Raue Michael Murphy will bring up about thirty links to more information regarding Murphy's despicable crimes and how local police protect him and his mates Tracey Feast, etc.

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